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How to Help Your Kids Change Any Negative Attitude and Become Positive Thinkers

No More Negative Thinking! - Let This Thought-Stopping Kit Turn Your Kids into Successful Thinkers

Do you have a whiner in your house? When you're at your busiest, does the whining increase? Perhaps you've listened, made suggestions, or even shouted, "Go away! Leave me alone!"

Complaining kids can discourage any hard working parent.

Don't spend another day listening to, I can't. It's too hard. Nobody likes me. Turn your whiners into winners.

The thought-stopping kit - when you want to change their attitudes

Use this Parenting Resource to help your children:

Testimonial ~ Rhoda Berlin, LMFT, Mother, Consultant, Marriage and Family Therapist

"When children feel as if their emotions are in control instead of vice-versa, this is often a response to what they're telling themselves. With increased awareness and hopeful strategies, change can definitely happen. Jean Tracy's Thought-Stopping Kit offers a simple, concrete method to turn powerful negative thought patterns into even more powerful positive ones. What a tremendous life-skill for adults to share with the children in their lives!"

Download Kit


$4.95 border=

This Parenting Resource Includes

  • Easy directions.
  • Carefully crafted Thought Stopping Chart designed by professional child counselor. Print as many as you wish.
  • Parenting article.
  • 80 reward activities.

Experience your children's enthusiasm. Teach them positive thinking habits. Let this Thought-Stopping Kit be your guide.

Pick it up today!