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Now parents, stepparents, counselors, and teachers can use divorce stories and healing strategies in this powerful kindle book.

Character Building: Divorce Stories and Strategies to Help Your Child Heal

Listen to how your kids think as they share their opinions about the cartoon characters. Feel proud of their solutions to the problems in each story and enjoy watching your children become well-mannered.

Character Building: Cartoon Guide to Good Manners with Family Discussions

Would you like to build character while having fun with your children? This character building kindle book will help you do just that.

Character Building: Problem Stories for Family Discussions

Character Building Stories: Friendship Skills for Raising Happy Children + 75 Parenting Tips

Purchase at

Give your children the social skills to make the friends they long for.



Give your children the social skills to make the friends they long for. These character- building stories, friendship skills, and motivating self-talk rhymes show them exactly what to do. Pick it up at