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How Parents Teach Kids 7 Positive Attitudes

By Jean Tracy, MSS

If you're finding child-rearing difficult and you're worried about doing a good job, stop worrying. Consider promoting the 7 core ideas in this article with their practical parenting strategies. They're simple and require very little work or effort.

Keep reading and you'll find out how respect, social skills, love of learning, health and fitness, gratitude, spirituality, and non-material gift-giving can help you raise your dream family.

Parenting Tip #1 - Raise Members to Respect Each Other

Parents, you can teach respect by modeling the following behaviors:

1. Look at your children with smiles and loving eyes often.
2. Praise the good you see in your children honestly and frequently.
3. Be affectionate with hugs, pats on the back, and kisses, especially with hellos, good-byes, and good nights.
4. Listen well and ask caring questions to show interest.
5. Spend fun time together like hiking, playing games, telling jokes.
6. Be patient with your children's mistakes. Remember they are learning.
7. Correct misbehaviors with kind, firm, and consistent actions.

By your striving to model respect and love, your children are likely to be happy, respectful and loving in return.

Parenting Tip #2 - Teach Your Child Social Skills

Discuss the behavior of family dogs when family members return home. Notice how they bark and jump for joy. Their friendliness makes their masters love them even more.

People like to be received with joy too. Encourage your child to:

1. Greet friends by saying their names with cheerful voices.
2. Approach friends with smiles and laughter.
3. Be curious about friends' activities and ask questions about their interests.
4. Be helpful to friends when help is needed.
5. Be loyal by avoiding gossip.
6. Believe in the friend and encourage them to do their best.

For more top tips pick up the 50 Simple Social Skills for Kids. It offers 50 easy ways to practice making friends.

Parenting Tip #3 - Promote a Love for Learning – 5 Simple Ways

When children enjoy discovering new ideas, their lives become fun and interesting. They light up their brains with more connections and they are willing to make the effort to learn more. Parents, you can help by:

1. Modeling a love of learning and sharing interests of your own, fun discussions, and thought-provoking questions.
2. Showing interest in your child's talents and schoolwork.
3. Encouraging dinner discussions about school activities.
4. Promoting your child's interests with gentle encouragement.
5. Asking the 6 fun brain power questions in this brief video Smart Kids - Parenting Questions for Intelligent Brains

Parenting Tip #4 - Nurture Health and Fitness – 6 Ideas

Healthy kids who eat good food and exercise regularly feel great and think more clearly. Here are some easy suggestions:

1. Provide tasty healthy meals and snacks.
2. Let nourishing mouth-watering smells drift from your kitchen.
3. Teach your child simple nutritious recipes.
4. Play energetic games outside with your child.
5. Encourage team sports.
6. Model fitness with your own exercise routine.

Parenting Tip #5 - Instill Gratitude Often – 6 Specifics

Instilling a grateful attitude can be enhanced when you stress the benefits of looking for the good in others. Why? If we look for the bad, we'll find it. But if we look for the good and tell them, it raises everybody's spirits. We become grateful for the other and they become grateful for us.

The best place to start looking for the good is at home.

1. Thank your child for her good qualities like talking respectfully, being generous, and helping.
2. Thank her for her kindnesses to you and other family members.
3. Ask your child to notice the kind acts she receives from members and thank them.
4. Point out the generosity of others outside the family and encourage her to thank them.
5. Make “Thank you” frequent household words.
6. Discuss with the family how gratefulness can be a powerful sign of a loving person.

Parenting Tip #6 – Foster Spirituality – 10 Simple Ideas

Many people sense there is more to life than what we can see, hear, touch, or feel. You can help your child tap into this unseen sense by asking him to:

1. Practice some simple breathing and meditation techniques.
2. Treasure nature, music, and art.
3. Appreciate morning sunshine on tree tops or twinkling stars at night.
4. Examine the beauty of a single flower.
5. Breathe in fresh air after a rainfall.
6. Listen to happy beautiful music at home.
7. Hum or sing upbeat tunes.
8. Create artwork and gifting it to someone special.
9. Understand that no matter what the problems and challenges, this is a beautiful world.
10. Discuss his ideas and yours about creation, the universe, and a Loving Spirit within.

Spirituality can increase one's depth of thought, love, and happiness.

Parenting Tip #7 Encourage No-Cost Gift Giving – 5 Sample Discussions

Hold a family discussion about creating coupons as presents. Pick a secretary to list everyone's suggestions. Keep these ideas handy when holidays and birthdays occur. This is especially helpful for children who have little or no money and want to express their love with gifts from the heart.

5 coupon questions for family brainstorming sessions:

1. What would you like to do for someone in the family that doesn't involve money?
2. What kind of honest praise could you give to members as a gift? How many compliments would you include on a coupon?
3. What fun no-cost activities, like a game, a walk together, or treasure hunt would you enjoy giving family members?
4. What kind of work coupons that help family members like washing and folding clothes or tutoring a younger brother or sister would you like to do?
5. What kind of coupon gifts you would like to receive from family members?

5 Rules for giving and receiving coupon gifts:

1. The giver must be able to offer the gift.
2. The giver must try to give a present the receiver would like.
3. The giver must offer the award within a specific time limit.
4. The giver must remember what he offered and do it.
5. The receiver must accept the gift with polite gratitude.

Coupon gifts can be given by anyone. They are thoughtful and caring presents that tell the receiver they are special. They can mean much more than a store-bought gift because they come from the heart.

Conclusion for 7 Dream Family Ideas:

When adults dream of having a family, they often envision perfection and vow to do better than their parents. But parenting takes, time, patience, training, and effort. It isn't always easy.

The basic ingredient is love, and it is love that propels parents to do their best. The seven parenting values in this article, respect, social skills, love of learning, health and fitness, gratitude, spirituality, and non-material gift-giving can help parents raise the family of their dreams and build character too. Give them a try and please share this article with others too.


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