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Free Parenting Audios

Kids Discuss.com Audios Share Character, Parenting, Discipline and Family Solutions from Jean Tracy, MSS

Audio Boo #1

Social Conscience: How to Use Moral Dilemmas Effectively with Kids

Parents, if you'd like to discuss right and wrong with your kids, but don’t know how, stay tuned. Today well talk about 4 secret strategies for using moral dilemmas with your kids. Find out how to build character too.


Audio Boo #2

Parenting Tip: How to Discipline Kids Effectively

Do you regret the things you say when disciplining your kids? Do you wish you could take back your words? Do you hope your kids will forget what you said? Inside you'll find some parenting tips for disciplining "just right."


Audio Boo #3

Parenting Tip: 5 Key Questions to Ask Your Kids about Bullies

Parents, is your child the victim of a bully? Is he shamed, hit, or teased? Perhaps your kid is the bully. Either way you’ll receive 5 parenting questions in this audio you can discuss with your kids today.


Audio Boo #4

Parenting Mistake: How Kids Learn to Disrespect You

Did you know kids disrespect parents who are too kind? If you treat your child like a princess, you already know what I mean. Find out what happened to this mother who gave her daughter everything she wanted.


Audio Boo #5

Parents, Solve Arguments with Your Kids! Use the Argument Solver

Arguing with kids is like a spinning top. It keeps spinning until you give up, tip over, and say, "Yes" when you want to say, "No." Let's find out how to solve arguments without tipping over and feel good about it too.


Audio Boo #6

9 Stress Relievers for Parents and Kids

Parents, when you’re feeling tired and cranky and your kids are yelling, fighting, tattling, or whining, you need stress relief. Here are 9 stress relievers you can start using today.


Audio Boo #7

Moms and Dads in Love: Finding the Master Key to Happiness

Could your marriage use a boost? If you could unlock the door to happiness, would you? Would your child be happier if you were too? Inside you’ll discover one simple master key to becoming parents in love.


Audio Boo #8

Parenting: 10 Ways to Give Love Every Day!

Imagine showing love to your kids every day! Would your family be better? Find out by using these 10 tips.


Audio Boo #9

Parenting Tips: How to Teach Your Kids the Appreciation Formula

Parents, tell your children how much their appreciation means to you. Help your children brainstorm things to appreciate in you and your spouse every day. Tell each child to write them on a piece of paper to exchange at a certain time every day. Here’s the formula:


Audio Boo #10

7 Parenting Tips for Turning Disrespectful Kids into Respectful Children

Parents, sowing the seeds of disrespect is easy. Yelling, nagging, and sarcasm sting your kids like vinegar and teach them disrespect:


Audio Boo #11

Parents Gift of Love to Kids ~ The 10,10,10 Rule

Parents, I know listening is hard when your mind is flooded with things to do. If your child wants to talk, or asks you to attend a game, or go to a school event, consider the 10, 10, 10 Rule:


Audio Boo #12

The 10 Laws for Loving Couples

These laws helped countless couples achieve a strong degree of love, closeness, and satisfaction. They’ll help you too. They are not in order of importance. They are all of equal rank. Take one law and discuss it on your weekly dates. Find out what your partner thinks. Share your thoughts. Make your own commitments.


Audio Boo #13

How to Create a Family Motto

Parents, if you’d like to create a family motto, sit down with your kids and brainstorm. Find out how with these guidelines, samples, and action steps. Feel free to replace your family motto whenever needed.


Audio Boo #14

Love Notes for Kids

Love Notes are written affirmations. They praise your children for the things you admire, appreciate, and love in them.


Audio Boo #15

Building Character ~ How to Help Kids Stop Negative Thoughts

Imagine an invisible box 5 feet high and 3 feet wide. When your children hide their sour thoughts and feelings, they step inside this invisible box and pout. Find out what you can do to stop their negative thinking.


Audio Boo #16

21 Parenting Tips for Teaching Kids Respect and Manners

Not sure which manners to teach for building respect in kids? If so, you’re not alone. I asked the experts for their advice. Find out which ones they chose for building respect and character in children.


Audio Boo #17

7 Problem Solving Tips for Your Family

If your kids are like most kids, they fight. Teach them how to fight fair so everybody wins!


Audio Boo #18

10 Self-Esteem Steps for Handling Couple Problems

Use these self-esteem steps to become a better you when handling your couple problems.


Audio Boo #19

How You Can Turn Bad Mannered Kids into Well Mannered Children

Now you can help your child choose good manners over bad manners and have fun doing it.


Audio Boo #20

The Apology Formula to Teach Your Kids


Audio Boo #21

The Thank-You Recipe to Teach Your Kids


Audio Boo #22

How to Teach Mind Power at Bedtime