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Jean Tracy, MSS

Experience the Power of Family! offers practical parenting tips and tools that develop character, respect, and caring in your children and transforms your home into a center of love, peace, and unity.


"I learned to sit down with my children face to face instead of standing over them. I feel more involved when I listen to how their day went. It helps me be a better father."

-Steven B., Father

"I learned that when I help myself I actually help my kids. I learned to listen to my children, to be aware of what they are saying. I also learned the difference between being "mean" and being firm."

-Nylee Piilani, Mother

Parenting Resources from Jean Tracy and

Receive Character Tips for Parenting Kids, a Loving Family, and Marriage!

  • Dilemma Discussion Kit
    Learn how to use moral dilemmas to promote family values. Use the one for Family Meeting with the Dilemma Discussion Kit.
    More Info
  • Parents As Teachers
    137 Teaching Ideas from Birth to 9 Years.
    More Info
  • Chore Chart Kit
    Learn how to create a family team and raise happy responsible children.
    More Info
  • Parenting Skills Kit
    Find Out How to Become a First-Rate Parent with These Positive Parenting Skills.
    More Info
  • Parents in Love - 121 Dating Ideas
    To make your family strong, romance is the key.
    More Info
  • Parent Affirmations Kit
    Learn How 75 Affirmations Raise Self-Esteem and Show Your Kids How Much You Love Them.
    More Info
  • Social Skills Kit for Kids
    Learn How to Teach Your Kids 50 Social Skills ~ Inspired by Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People."
    More Info
  • Thought-Stopping Kit
    How to Help Your Kids Change Any Negative Attitude and Become Positive Thinkers.
    More Info
  • Discipline Tips for Parents
    Discover 41 Specific Solutions for 41 Common Behaviors.
    More Info
  • The Problem Solver Kit
    Learn How to Stop the Fighting and Teach Your Kids to Solve Their Conflicts.
    More Info
  • Character Building Kit
    Learn How to Easily Build Solid Character and Positive Behaviors in Your Kids.
    More Info
  • Goal Setting Pyramid Kit
    Learn How to Teach Your Kids Goal Setting Skills with These Proven Strategies.
    More Info
  • Love Poems and Love Songs
    Nurture each other with Poems, Songs, and Love.
    More Info

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