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Parents As Teachers - 137 Teaching Ideas from Birth to 9 Years

Discover the Great Ideas in “Parents As Teachers – 137 Teaching Ideas from Birth to 9 Years”

Now You can raise your kids to love learning!

Listen, nobody wants their child to feel dumb, give up, or drop out of school.

Life is tough when your child falls behind, says, “It's too hard,” and you don't know how to help. If you're looking for solutions, Jean has answers from her years of experience as a teacher. Many of these activities are also pulled together from US government sources for your convenience along with Jean's activity suggestions.

“Parents Are Teachers” gives you 137 ways to guide your child on his lifelong path to learning.

“Parents Are Teachers” is fun, interactive, and promotes a love for school. Armed with solid learning skills, imagine the confidence and success your child will achieve. Then imagine your satisfaction because you helped.

In “Parents as Teachers” You'll Discover:

And lots more…because for success in school, parents are key!

Testimonial ~ Jennifer Zhou, Mother and Certified Public Accountant

“We now have a regular daily routine for our family. Scheduling exact times for the boys to do certain things makes our life easier. We no longer fight to get them to do homework, shower, or get ready for school. The kids know when to do what. They're learning responsibility. Great e-book with many tips for parenting well! Thanks, Jean!”

Testimonial ~ Ana Remedios, Mother and Technology Consultant

"This e-book offers many excellent and practical ideas for parents who want to mentor their child the best they can. It uses everyday objects and activities to be the teaching tools. Each section is written in easy-to-understand suggestions. Even though the book title says from birth to 9 years, I still apply quite a few ideas from this e-book on my older kids. Thanks for this excellent resource!"

Testimonial ~ Jennifer Williams, Mother and Accountant

We use the suggestions in “Parents as Teachers” to reinforce our 6 year-old son's learning. We have him read one book to us each night. We follow the e-book's suggestions by asking him questions to improve his understanding. We discuss it too. As parents we each read him a book at night. This means we to go to the library often.

We've been using Jean's suggestions since his birth. Although he's in first grade, he reads on a 3rd grade level and loves it.

We also follow this e-book's guidelines for drawing, coloring, and finger painting with both our son and his 3 year-old-sister. Then we ask them to describe their art work and tell us a story about it. It's amazing to see what their minds create. I plan on using “Parents Are Teachers ~ 137 Teaching Ideas from Birth to 9 Years” throughout the school years ahead as a trusted guide. It has so many useful ideas for parents!

With “Parents Are Teachers,” you can teach your kids the learning tools every child needs because life is easier when your kids love school.

Order “Parents Are Teachers – 137 Teaching Ideas from Birth to 12 Years” now!



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