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33 Family Meetings Kids Love

If you're looking for the most powerful method to raise the "perfect" family, give up. It doesn't exist.
But if you want a loving home with well-adjusted members, you're in the right place.

33 Family Meetings Kids Love Helps You

Together family members will solve their biggest problems and learn to laugh, plan, and create fun times together.

When you follow the solutions in this e-book

In 33 Family Meetings Kids Love You'll:

If you're not having fun at your family meetings, you're doing something wrong! With 33 Family Meetings Kids Love there's…

No more gripe sessions and lots more fun!


"As a family we used your e-book to design the school yearbook cover. Each of us contributed our ideas. It was definitely a great exercise. This e-book helped us see how similar activities can be effective and create family bonding. Now we're giving our children more say and appreciating their contributions.

"Daphne's first Eucharist celebration is coming up and I will incorporate the family meeting style for planning it. Thanks, Jean, for sharing this e-book."
- Prema D'sa

"Using your e-book, I worked with my kids to bake a batch of cream cheese muffins. We all enjoyed the time together. The muffins turned out to be yummy and my younger daughter wants us to do it again soon which is terrific.

"This e-book helps me explore different ways to stay connected with my kids through these fun meetings. Each activity is presented with useful guidelines and tips. My daughters enjoyed it so much that they urged me to do more of these fun activities."
- Ana Remedios,

It's a shame to feel like you're raising a less than happy family when these family meetings can bring you together.

Listen, your family is worth so much more than 30 minutes a week, the time you'll invest in one of the…

33 Family Meetings Kids Love

Discover what it takes to create a loving home. Experience the power of family!


I'm confident that you'll get such value from 33 Family Meetings Kids Love that I make this guarantee:

If, after reading the content and practicing the meetings, you're not completely satisfied with the value of this E-Book, send me an email telling me why (because I value your feedback) at JeanTracy@KidsDiscuss.com and I'll give you a complete refund.

This Guarantee Offers You:

Immediate download on your computer for quick reading.
No costly shipping charges.
No waiting! Begin using these fun family meetings today.



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This Parenting Resource Includes

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