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Social Skills Kit for Kids

Learn How to Teach Your Kids 50 Social Skills ~ Inspired by Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

Raise friendly confident kids!

Jean Tracy's counseling secrets show you how. Her Social Skills Kit, will help your kids make lifelong friendships today and become successful communicators tomorrow.

Life is hard when your child needs friends and you don't know how to help. If you're looking for solutions, Jean's got answers.

Whether your child complains, “Nobody likes me,” or just needs a boost, this social skills kit is sure to help.

Teaching social skills is fun, interactive, and takes very little time. Armed with character and social skills, imagine the leader your child can become. Imagine your joy in knowing you helped.

The Social Skills Kit for Kids – For teaching your kids how to make friends

Discover the social skills that will help your child: Don't waste time worrying! With this Social Skills Kit for Kids kit you'll help your child:

Testimonial ~ Karen Thompson, Guidance Counselor, Guilford Elementary

"Hello Jean,

I was pleasantly surprised to receive it right away! I will be using the kit as a guidance counselor, and I think it is a good comprehensive assortment of skills student can learn. Thank you."

Testimonial ~ Dr. Jairul Rahaman, Health Practicioner

"Jean Tracy's, Social Skills Kit is packed with valuable information that teaches kids social skills, decision-making skills, friendship skills, and more. Her easy to learn skills are great for adults too."

Testimonial ~ Brenda Todd-Bense, MSW, Director of Clinical Services

"The social skill cards have been extremely useful. The give very practical suggestions that children can use immediately."

Testimonial ~ Dave Pipitone, Parent and Internet Marketer

"I recommend that parents take a serious look at Jean Tracy's "Social Skills Kit" as a helpful tool to teach their children social skills. As a 55-year old parent of a nine year old, I wish two things:

I wish I would have had someone teach me these skills when I was a child. I was a shy backwards kid who had few friends in grade school and high school. My self esteem suffered as a result."

"My second wish is that I wish I would have had this kit a few years ago. Our daughter had tremendous separation anxiety and would cling to me when we visited family members or when we left her with a babysitter. She had been shy meeting other children, although she has grown much in the past two years. "

"The Social Skills Kit contains easy-to-do exercises based on friendliness, respect, and kindness. As I look through the 50 exercises, there are ones that can help me improve my social skills even at my age, too. There's nothing wrong with being a 'big kid.'"

Download Kit


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This Parenting Resource Includes

With this Social Skills Kit for Kids, you can teach your child the skills every child needs.

Life is easier when your child has friends.

Let this proven process, inspired by Dale Carnegie, give your child a boost.

Enjoy watching your child become a confident communicator. Feel proud of your parenting skills too.

Order your Social Skills Kit for Kids today!

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