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Dilemma Discussion Kit

Enjoy Building Character and Sharing Your Family Values with 51 Fun Discussions

Raise Kids with Strong Family Values - Use These Moral Dilemmas To Help You Guide

Is the media offending your child's innocence? Are you concerned about the frequent images of violence, sex, and hate? Do you want your child to think right about wrong? You're in the right place.

Building character starts when your child is young. Whether your child is showing signs of trouble or doing just fine, consider the Dilemma Discussion Kit and use these moral dilemmas to help you guide.

Discuss the Dilemmas:

Dilemma Discussions take little time and provide your children with your moral guidance

Dilemma Discussion Kit - when you want to guide their character

This Parenting Resource helps you:

Testimonial - Claire Hatch, MSW, author and counselor

"Quality questions for quality discussions! A superb tool for building character in children."

Testimonial - Colleen Holbrook, MSW, child counselor , mother and author

"These dilemmas are good examples of what kids face. Kids can now ask themselves, 'What am I going to do when the right thing is hard but the easy thing to do is wrong?' Good work, Jean! Your Dilemma Discussion Kit will help me with the kids I counsel."

Testimonial - Christine Daverio, child clinical social worker

"Jean, your Dilemma Discussion Kit creates thoughtful and fun character building time for families. Your ideas for helping kids to think through their lives are invaluable and so easy for parents to use."

Download Kit


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This Parenting Resource Includes

  • Easy directions.
  • 51 carefully crafted childhood dilemmas designed by child counselor.
  • Space for writing extra dilemmas.
  • Dilemma Discussion Cards(use card stock).

    Don't let the media take charge of your child's mind! Take back your influence! Guide with your family values and enjoy being the parent.

    Order Your Dilemma Discussion Kit now! Start discussing today!

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