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The Problem Solver Kit

Learn How to Stop the Fighting and Teach Your Kids to Solve Their Conflicts

Stop the Fighting! Let The Problem Solver Kit Help Your Kids Get Along

Do you dread coming home to fighting kids? Bickering over the remote control, a video game, or name calling can frustrate any tired parent.

If you find yourself stuck in the middle yelling, "Stop it!" there is a better way.

Don't jump in to solve your kids' fights. Stay out of the middle. Teach them to solve their own problems. Teach them this skill for life.

Stop Fights and Build Character with t The Problem Solver Kit!

The Problem Solver Kit when peace is what you long for

This Parenting Resource helps you stop sibling rivalry:

Testimonial ~ Judith Robertson, Mother of four, International Business Woman

"Thank you for the Problem Solver Kit. I love your recommendations on how we can allow our kids to solve their own problems. When I let them take on responsibilities, it actually helps them build self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. They are very proud on what they can do on their own. I also love the non-material bonding rewards. They are great ways to spend quality time together with your children and the same time great fun."

Testimonial ~ Rhoda Berlin, Mother, Family Counselor, Consultant

"Jean Tracy's Problem Solver Kit is a delightful alternative to the emotional tug of war that occurs with that infernal refrain: "That's not fair!" Children are taught how to develop, use and trust their own judgment and cooperation skills. Adults move from being referees to coaches. The Problem Solver Kit, with its emphasis on creativity and teamwork, is a solid tool that can help children learn to help themselves."

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This Parenting Resource Includes

Teach your children to solve their differences. Enjoy harmony in your home. Get The Problem Solver Kit today!

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