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Character Building Kit

Learn How to Easily Build Solid Character and Positive Behaviors in Your Kids

Turn Misbehaviors into Great Behaviors - Let This Character Building Kit HelpYou

Are phone conversations with your clients almost impossible? Do temper tantrums and disobedience get you down?

Parents everywhere experience similar problems. The trick is how to change such problem behaviors. Let this Character Building Kit help you.

The character building kit - when you want to improve their behaviors

Use the Character Building Kit to:

Testimonial ~ Deborah Wilson-Witter, Mother

"This Character Building Kit has lots of good advice for rewarding kids. We are using the chart for our son's allowance. He looks forward to receiving his star everyday. The chart has been great for us."

Testimonial ~ Colleen Holbrook, MSW, Counselor, Author, Speaker

"This Character Building Kit is terrific! I've been talking to parents about letting their kids do what they can for themselves a lot lately. So many parents, especially mothers, take on too much responsibilty and rob their kids of the opportunity to learn new skills. When I point out that they are not helping their kids in the long run, many turn around and begin to notice where and how their kids can do more. I love using your materials."

Testimonial ~ Rhoda Berlin, LMFT, Mother, Consultant and Psychotherapist

"Jean Tracy's Character Building Kit brings to light the importance of relationships in influencing and guiding our children's behavior. The use of "nonmaterial bonding rewards" is a refreshing reminder that kids treasure time with the adults in their lives, and that good behavior doesn't need to be "bought." The strategies accentuate the positives, creating true win-win situations. "

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This Parenting Resource Includes

Parenting doesn't have to be difficult. Get rid of discouraging feelings! Use positive discipline. Let this Character Building Kit help you.

Get yours now!

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