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Character Building on BackTalk Street

How to Teach Family Values and Bond with Your Kids with Discussion Stories, Puzzles, and Fun Questions

Raise Kids Who Think Right about Wrong - Let This Character Building Book Be Your Guide

While taking your kids to gymnastics, baseball practice, and music lessons, do you ask yourself, "Why am I always on the run?" Do you wish you were having heart to heart discussions instead? Would you rather focus on the thoughts and feelings of your kids?

Create those talks with this break through book, Character Building on BackTalk Street. Enjoy discussing the character building stories. Take advantage of the teaching moments. Experience the meaning of bonding time.


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Testimonial ~ Lori Homes, MA, Mother, Family Counselor, Speaker

"As a parent, parent educator and family counselor I love working with Character Building on BackTalk Street ! The material in each chapter provides me with an easy and fun way to approach tough topics like bullying behavior, gossiping, lying, and many others.

The stories allow me to approach a "sore subject" like tattling from the third person perspective, and then guide me to more personal insights through the questions posed at the end of the stories. And what child, of any age, doesn't love stickers for a job well done!

I would highly recommend this discussion guide and can attest that all of the children I've used it with have thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

Testimonial ~ Claire Hatch, MSW, Marriage Counselor, Author, Speaker

"Fun stories! Quality questions for quality discussions! A superb tool for building character in children."

Testimonial ~ Nick Wiltz, PhD., Child Psychologist

"A must for classroms and parents alike."

Testimonial ~ Virginia Mackinnon, MSW, Child Therapist

A practical guide for parents, educators, and anyone who mentors children."



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This Parenting Resource Includes

Be an effective parent! Learn first-hand, straight from your kids, their attitudes about life. Then guide them with your love and values. Character Building on BackTalk Street gives you the tools you need.

Get your today!

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