Discipline Tips for Parents

~ Discover 41 Specific Solutions for 41 Common Behaviors ~

"You've got the worst kids I've ever seen!"
(That's what they'll say if you don't discipline effectively.)

If you're looking for a way to raise "perfect" children, stop reading.

But if you're looking for a way to raise well-adjusted kids who love and respect you, you're in the right place.

Discipline Tips for Parents

Helps you…

Stop Being a Doormat!

Discipline Less!

Play More!

Feel Loved and Respected!

You'll solve the biggest problems parents face and learn how to overcome them all when you follow the solutions in this E-Book because:

You won't be repeating everything you say. Your children will listen.

You won't be caught in useless arguments. Your children will respect your words.

You won't wonder if your discipline is too harsh or too weak. The examples will show you exactly what to do.

You won't doubt yourself. You'll feel confident and comfortable with your discipline skills.

You won't struggle to be in charge because your kids will feel secure and trust your guidance.

In Discipline Tips for Parents you'll:

Find out how one mom got her son to stop watching TV and do his homework on page 14.

Learn how this mother handled her fussy eater with the feedback formula on page 19.

On page 35 learn how one dad dealt with his son who snuck out to play without doing his chores.

Teach your kids the 6 rules for solving their fights on page 38.

Find the Cell Phone Contract you can start using today on page 32.

Discover 4 motives why your kids tattle and what to do about them on page 43.


"Great e-Book! I liked the section titled: How to Discipline When Kids Hit. When our 2nd child was born I noticed a change in our oldest son. He began acting out against me and his sibling. I followed the advice of Be Kind, Be Firm and Be Consistent when disciplining him. I used few words. I spoke calmly and firmly. I also listened to him explain to me how he can act better in the future. Now he plays with his sister and doesn't hit."
- Jennifer Williams

" …guess what, when my wife and I say no to them (my boys) on any of their requests which we may find inappropriate, it is a firm No! … I am so grateful for the materials."
- Stephen Murage

"I have been using the kind and firm rule with my daughter. When I ask her to do her chores, she often has excuses. Now I use a kind and firm voice and repeat 'No, just do them now.' To my surprise, she does her chores without further directions."
- Thank you. Andrea Diaz

It's a shame for you not to get the respect you deserve when some parents get it so easily. Don't despair like the parents who rely on nagging, yelling, and lecturing. You can do better!

Listen, the life of your child is worth the little time you invest on learning how to discipline effectively. You can discover the solutions you need in…

Discipline Tips for Parents

Why not get the peace, love, and respect you deserve?

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