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Receive Character Tips for Parenting Kids, a Loving Family, and Marriage!

Jean Tracy, MSS, Master of Social Service

Jean Tracy mother, elementary school teacher, family counselor for over 20 years, author, speaker

Experience the Power of Family! KidsDiscuss.com offers practical parenting tips and tools that develop character, respect, and caring in your children and transforms your home into a center of love, peace, and unity.

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"Your techniques are specific, simple to follow, and easy to teach my daughter. They not only help me as a parent, they also help my daughter with their positive effects."

-Debbie B., Mother

"Being a participant in Jean's Character Building Classes has been a great and rewarding experience. My son and I have enjoyed the non-material bonding rewards. We now spend each evening doing something together."

-Kimberly BeDell, Mother

Jean's Character Building Classes, offered at the Family Support Center, gave me a perfect opportunity to share and pass on her techniques, such as asking the question, "How can I be kind and firm?" to the parents of the 3-5 year olds with whom I work."

-Jeri Ashmon, Mother, Teacher

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